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Top Scorers

Name High score Total Score
Shashank Thapliyal 600 638647
Subha sarkar 600 331085
PINTU SARKAR 600 208528
Rajib Lochan 600 124361
Som Nath 600 111448
Harsh Gupta 600 67282
Pravin Kadam 600 45840
Ajay Mahadik 600 41293
Sourav Bhuiya 600 30421
Sonam Choephel 600 29479


A penalty kick is one of the favourite method of scoring goals. It is awarded when an opponent commits a foul in his penalty area. The ball is centred from the goal posts and the shot is taken from 11 metres from the goal line.

Penalties are very decisive in low-scoring games because of its nature to convert a losing match to a winning one. Tournaments often keep penalty kicks when the match is tied so as to determine the victorious teams.

  • Press the play button
  • Click and drag the mouse to the desired corner of the net without leaving the mouse.
  • Release the mouse button once you are confirmed about the shot.
  • Watch as you score the goal.
  • You will get 5 penalty kicks to score.
  • Challenge your friends and enjoy the penalty shootout.