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Top Scorers

Name High score Total Score
Subha sarkar 30 270
Karan Makkar 30 230
Sukanya De 30 200
Anand Boisa 30 90
Monika Shukla 30 80
Yogesh Sonawane 30 70
Sarojni Sharma 30 60
Bhargav Geol 30 60
Sagar Malkar 30 40
Nitin 30 40


Foosball or table football is a popular game based on the sport of football. Each player/team uses their handles to move their men to strike the ball into the opposing team’s goal. You always go to your right and defend at your left. The tables are very cleverly built to provide different kinds of rods with different spacing between the men. The game is fast and funny and everyone cheers and laughs. You can play for years and never get bored. The ever-growing club of foosball enthusiasts has resulted in evolving into a sports on its own.

  • Select the level you want the begin the game.
  • Select AI as your opponent.
  • Click on the whistle to begin the game.
  • Move your players on the field and score goals to win.
    • Move your players through ‘W’ and ‘S’ on your keyboard
  • The first player to score three goals wins the match!